29 May 2013

A Powerful Mantra for Dissolving Problems Instantaneously

In this article, I share with you a very powerful Mantra which - when used with proper understanding -  will dissolve your problems instantaneously.  The Mantra is taught to me by my spiritual teacher.  Since then, I have been regularly applying the same to my life.  I got miraculous results, and am continuing to get the miraculous results even to this day.  It’s enormous benefits prompted me to share that Mantra with you in this article.
I may be sounding as if I am making a tall claim.  But let me assure you that it is actually so.  I encourage you to use this Mantra in your life, and see for yourself its results.
The Mantra is about acceptance
Many times acceptance brings you instant peace and calmness.  At least in small things this definitely happens.  We do not recognise the importance of acceptance and continue to ignore it.  Probably because we do not know how to apply the principle of acceptance in our daily life, or in day-to-day situations.  This is what the Mantra seems to do.

The Mantra
The Mantra, in fact, is in the form of a question.  Now do not be surprised over this.  Knowing the Mantra, one may feel what kind of Mantra is this.  However, just bear in mind that, though in the form of a question, the Mantra is based on ancient wisdom contained in holy Scriptures.  The necessity of making the Mantra very simple by giving it a question form was felt probably to bring simplicity in it, considering the complex language such as Sanskrit which common people do not read, but in which the greatest wisdom is embedded.
Now be ready for the Mantra.  The Mantra is this:
"Can I accept (THIS) ?" 
Whenever an uncomfortable event happens in your life, you should apply this Mantra by asking yourself the above question, "can I accept this?".
While applying the Mantra, you should substitute the word "(this)" with the short description of the event.  For example, if someone laughs at you, then, while applying the Mantra, you should say "Can I accept (his laughing at me)?".  Another example: if someone is not responding to your phone call then you should apply the Mantra by saying to yourself, "can I accept (his not responding to my phone call)?".  Take for example if the person who you hate to see has come before you, then you will say, "can I accept (this person)?",  By substituting the name of the person in place of the word "person".  Now you have understood the correct application of the Mantra.

There is another interesting way of applying the Mantra in a more simplified fashion.  Whenever you apply the Mantra and say these three words, "can I accept (           )?",  simply make a hand gesture with your thumb and index finger as shown in the following picture. 

This way you are creating a bracket with your thumb and index finger, and will be asking the above question.  You will mentally put the description of the event which bothers you, in the bracket created by hand gesture.  When you do this on a regular basis, mere creation of a hand gesture to an unacceptable event or a person will put you in acceptance mode.  Of course you need not show the hand gesture to the person or to any other people.  Just naturally create the hand gesture for yourself without showing it to anybody and apply the Mantra.
This way, whenever you apply the Mantra, in small events, as described above, in the form of examples, you will definitely go into the acceptance mode and your pain will dissolve miraculously.  Small small events, will thus stop bothering you.
When it comes to applying the Mantra to the situations which you think you cannot accept, even than the Mantra is not useless.  It is still equally powerful but you had to apply it in a little bit different fashion.  In strongly unacceptable situations, whenever you will apply the Mantra by saying, "can I accept this?", your answer is likely to be in the negative.  In such a situation, you are advised to firstly accept your un-acceptance.  Say to yourself, "I accept my unacceptance".  For example, in the situation of someone laughing at you, if you're not in a position to accept that person is laughing at you, you should say to yourself "I accept my unacceptance of that person’s laughing at me".  In this manner, still you are putting yourself in an acceptance mode.
Then after some time again ask yourself the same original question, "can I accept this?".  In unacceptable situations, keep on repeating this again and again with short breaks.  Then a point of time will come where you will be in a position to accept the unacceptable situation too.

Let me clarify that by teaching to accept everything, it is not suggested or being suggested that you should not improve the situation which has worsened.  This is not at all being suggested.  Rather improvement of the situation is the final goal.  But what is being taught to you is to first accept the situation so that you will be able to solve the problem, or improve the situation with both of your hands open.  

Trying to solve the problem or improve upon the situation without accepting the problem or situation is like trying to solve the problem only with one hand while your other hand is tied at your back.  You can imagine what will be the result of your efforts in solving any problem only with one hand with your other hand tied at your back.  Obviously the problem will not be solved or will create great pains.  

Accepting the situation first is like opening your both hands, is like getting open.  And it is with this kind of openness when you are trying to solve the problem or to think over the problem, you will find yourself able to solve the problem very efficiently.  

But whenever you will be practicing the Mantra to fact situations in your life you will find that in small situations the problems will dissolve miraculously.  

It is only a matter of experience.  Do it to believe it.